Andrea Schwarz

About Andrea

Andrea Schwarz is an executive coach, entrepreneur, speaker, and adventurer. Through IMUA OLA, she inspires her clients to achieve their professional and personal dreams via a  bespoke, transformative coaching experience.

Andrea is a first-generation American with 20+ years of corporate success across various industries, including music, food and beverage, sports, fashion, and  healthcare. From the earliest points of her career, she led pivotal change amidst challenging circumstances by relying on tools, techniques, strategies and habits gathered from the best in business. Andrea was the first female general manager in the meat industry in Germany and led her organization through the mad cow disease. She then went on to  build several companies including a consulting and project management firm in the UK and a restaurant in Germany. 

A visit from an American cousin sparked the dream of someday exploring horizons beyond her native country of Germany. The dream turned into reality at the age of 20 when she first got to visit the land of her dreams, America. She returned back to Germany after her visit with the determination to someday come back again and pursue opportunities in America. While in Germany, Andrea started a position with adidas, at their headquarters in Bavaria. She quickly caught the attention of her supervisors and climbed the ranks through the Technology and Operations departments within the company. She felt fulfilled in her career, but her dream to move to America was still lingering. It was this feeling that made her decide to  take action towards making her dream come true.

As fate would have it, adidas acquired by Reebok and Andrea joined Reebok in Boston, MA.

While working for adidas-Reebok, Andrea led the company’s audit operations and traveled the world  as part of her role. These experiences helped foster long-lasting intercultural international relationships that are still intact to this day.  

After a decade-long stint with adidas, Andrea moved on to pursue a position with Novartis, a Swiss-American multinational healthcare corporation with offices in the United States. For 8 years, Andrea held various roles at Novartis and consistently progresses in rank and responsibility across various commercial domains. During her time at Novartis, she developed an interest in and led several internal coaching and developmental initiatives where she helped her coachees take their careers to the next level. As a result of her contributions, she was recognized as the healthcare industry’s “Woman of the Year – Rising Star 2022”. 

Throughout her career, Andrea’s focus has always been on relationships, discovering and pursuing challenges that would take her experience to the next level. This translated into an insatiable urge to help others along their career and life paths and that’s what she dreams of achieving with IMUA OLA. 

Andrea helps you break down the walls of busyness, fear, and doubt so you can step forward into your true potential as a leader, entrepreneur, or aspiring corporate executive. As you learn to shift your mindset, map out your goals, and create a step-by-step plan for achieving greatness, you will succeed and move your life forward beyond your wildest dream!