Level up your annual team meeting or corporate conference with tailored keynotes that inspire internal team goal-setting and trust-building, personal confidence, and positive leadership traits.



Andrea Schwarz shares stories from her 20+ year corporate career with adidas, Reebok, and Novartis to inspire your audience. She works with her clients to craft customized messaging for the specific challenges that her audience is facing.

Popular Keynote Topics:


Dream + Goal-Setting

Executive Presence + Confidence-Building

Team Trust + Collaboration

Women in Business

Andrea can coach you to be able to achieve more in all parts of your life and more than you imagined.

Lee Cockerell, Former EVP of Walt Disney World

My Promise to You and Your Event Attendees:

1. Thorough preparation to ensure the content of my presentation is aligned with your event goals


2. Passion and energy displayed before, during, and after my presentation


3. Prompt arrival to your event and on-time entrance on stage at the time of my presentation


4. No profanity in my talks, plus clean, relatable stories shared on- and off-stage


5. Audience connection, following my presentation – I’ll stick around after my talk to connect with you and your audience


Virtual and In-Person Keynotes

Tailored keynote speaking experiences where Andrea Schwarz shares engaging, relevant lessons of discovering true potential and stepping into a dream-worthy life.

She does so by unfolding her story of life in multiple countries at a young age to leaving home at 15 and eventually moving to America to discover her future goals and setting on the path towards achieving them. Andrea shares the importance of adventure and life balance, principles for finding corporate success, and goal-setting and habit-building tactics to create an event experience that leaves your audience ready to go after the success in their life and within your organization.

Creating Magic Keynote with Lee Cockerell

Inspire team vision and positive culture-building with collaborative keynote events from Lee Cockerell and Andrea Schwarz. Lee and Andrea share impactful leadership, management, and goal-setting strategies from 50+ years of combined executive experience with Disney, Hilton, Marriott, adidas, Reebok, and Novartis. As a leader, learn to create a positive corporate culture and foster an environment where associates thrive. As part of an organization, learn how to bring your best self to work and strive.

Discover principles for pursuing sustainable high performance in the workplace.

Andrea Schwarz is a Leadership and Motivational Speaker in the United States, Inspiring Your Audience to Dream Bigger. 

Andrea is eager to participate in your upcoming event, no matter if it’s being held virtually or in-person. 

She is willing to speak at events across the United States and Europe in Hawaii, Florida, Washington, New York, California, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Spain, and beyond.